Node JS has become a front runner in constructing web sites and real time programs. It purposely strives to optimise the web apps using different input/output operations. Out and out, Node JS has shown to the server ruling among big corporations with web solutions and technology. Here’s a detailed of list of some important Node JS frameworks which are used to build leveraged web solutions.

It is very popular for permitting event driven communication between the clients and the server. Client side or host side, it is capable of functioning on libraries. For that reason, it’s greatly suitable for creating large scale real time web apps.

2. Express.js

It is among the dependable frameworks that aid creating both web and mobile programs. By assisting the development of APIs, it empowers the developers to build apps regardless of the complexities, feature set and targeted devices\/browsers. It’s among the MVC frameworks under the Node.js cover and supports both the customer side and server side scripting. Deployed for modern mobile programs as well as web programs, it’s basically the key attraction for many programmers because it uses a host which results in fast page loads, meeting of internet search engine requirements, templates of HTML etc.

3. Hapi.js

It is a multi-layered complete stack development framework under Node.js. It’s got a strong inbuilt plug-in system that provides developers with a few core advantages while building the programs and services software. A few of them are input validation, implement caching, error correction and configuration based functionality.

4. Koa

Koa is utilized for delivering web applications besides APIs. The reason behind its popularity? It enables this use of Generators to avoid using any call back. Therefore, this empowers the programmers to fix any errors immediately.

5. Sails.js

This is an enterprise level frame that facilitates the development of big scale programs using custom APIs. Inspired by other very popular frameworks like Ruby on Rails, it’s got a creative spirit which gives out more data centric experience for every application. Furthermore, Sails is much demanded applications which work real time and needs features like chats, location tracking. This list is perhaps endless. Node.js has been experiencing a big growth over the last years, with a rising number of frameworks.

Future of NodeJS

The future of Node.js seems to be bright because it’s a perfect choice for data-intensive, real-time apps that run across distributed devices. And such apps are more and more common and widely built and used around the world.