Developed an application using Low Code concept within 2 months for a Finance Industry Based Solution Provider

YEAR 2018
ROLE Web Design

Customer Requirements

As a pioneer in developing solutions for finance domain, our customer wants to develop a dynamic form application to their end customers. These dynamic pages would be configured through drag and drop feature along with backend data connectivity. Our customer wanted to develop this in 2 months’ time using the low code concept.


Expedux took over this project by keeping low code platform development in mind. We evaluated multiple low code platforms such as Mendix, Appian and outsystems and decided to go with custom development model due to the domain nature. We detailed the requirements to customer with the following points.

A form could be composed through a composer screen which would be basically a drag and drop feature.

User could make any desired form with proper configuration details such as form control property details, REST service details.

Once the form composition completed, form could be published to the end-application through continuous integration methodology.

 We planned to use the following technology stack to achieve the expected concept.Front End -Angular with REST libraries. HTML5, CSS3Back End – Python Django


Expedux shortlisted and developed important components which was the backbone of the whole application. We ensured that the application engine should be scalable to support more users.

  • Dynamic App engine
  • Form Designer
  • Form Validator/Reviewer
  • Form Publisher
  • Form configuration Build archive
  • Application Container
  • Authentication & Authorization
  • Form usage analytics and Audit Log

 Expedux formed the agile team that include UI/UX engineer, Architect, and Project Lead and Developer. We developed Proof of Concept on few modules to understand to complexity and expected toolset, existing Open source libraries and stories. We prepared for all the requirements and divided those into sprints. Expedux identified the minimal viable product boundary UI development for the requirements and got it reviewed by customer Development environment. We wrapped up the app development and launched the app within 2 months.


Developed and launched app within 2 months using Python with Angular.

Ensured AWS as the platform to deploy the application. But the features were loosely coupled with AWS services.

Integrated with the existing Application based on the composed configuration.